God Knows I Tried

Inspired by Lana Del Rey's song "God Knows I Tried", this digital painting represents the complicated feelings Kayla's had in regards to God and religion. After years of feeling guilty about her resentment towards God for her own personal circumstances as well as the state of the world, she realized that it is human to be angry about unpleasant circumstances or to even have moments where she questions God and his existence. 

The use of a shattered heart represents Kayla's resentment and how at one point she's felt like the promise of never being left or forsaken has been broken. However, in spite of this anger, Kayla still tries to overcome as she strives to better understand God and herself. Overall, this piece reflects Kayla's belief that in order to accept herself, she needs to forgive herself for feeling angry when it is a normal, human emotion, and have hope that as long as she stays faithful in the end, God will be understanding of her internal struggle.