What's the Use of Feeling (Blue)?

Inspired by the song “What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)?” from the Steven Universe soundtrack, this piece represents being constantly told things like “just think positive thoughts” and “someone else has it worse than you” in regards to Kayla's struggle with bipolar depression, anxiety, psychosis, dyskinesia, asthma and autism. Toxic positivity makes dealing with so many chronic illnesses harder than it already is, and being told to be grateful and just be positive has only made Kayla feel like her feelings are not valid. 

By using a monochromatic blue palette and a simple composition, the piece exudes calmness and stillness to allude to water and represent the feeling of drowning that Kayla feels when she is overwhelmed by all of these chronic illnesses as well as being misunderstood and dismissed by her family and peers when she expresses these feelings. The figure is shown crying in contrast to the phrase “What’s the use of feeling” in order to show that toxic positivity sounds nice on the surface, but essentially isn’t helpful and can in fact even be destructive.